YMGI Tri-Zone WMMS48CHV2B59 WMMS18EWV2B59 (THREE) Ductless Split AC

Item#: WMMS48CHV2B59 WMMS18EWV2B59-18k-18k

Brand: YMGI

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Product Details

Product Details For Indoor Unit:

18k Btu System -


18000 BTU Indoor Unit


Fan Motor Speed (RPM) (SH/H/ML)


Output of Fan Motor (W)


Input Power of Heater (W)


Fan Motor Capacitor (uF)


Fan Motor RLA (A)


Fan Type-Piece

Cross flow fan 1

Fan Wheel Diameter x Length (inches)

3.8 x 31.4

Evaporator Heat Exchanger Type

Aluminium fin-copper tube

Pipe Diameter (Inches)


Row-Fin Gap (FPI)


Coil Width x Height x Depth

31.0 X 15 X 1.0

Swing Motor Model


Output of Swing Motor (W)


Fuse (A)

PCB 3.15A Transformer 0.2A

Sound Pressure Level db (A) (H/M/L)

46 / 43 / 40 / 36

Sound Pressure Level db (A) (H/M/L)***

56 / 53 / 50 / 46

Dimensions of Indoor Unit (W x H x D) (Inches)

40.2 X 12.2 X 15.4

Dimensions of Indoor Unit Package(W x H x D) (Inches)

42.4 X 12.8 X 15.4

Net / Gross Weight (LBs)

28.6 / 37.4

Loading Quantity

20' Container


40' Container


40' HQ Container


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